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Family & Fan Access

Family and Fans of GotSport.net  teams can register and get inside information and access to many of the team's videos.  For more information, click [here].

"Share Those Best Moments"

GotSport.net for Families is a complete video management, highlight creation, and video system designed to provide families, friends, and teammates with the ability to share videos over the Internet.

GotSport.net stores game videos in streaming media format on the web which can then be categorized, annotated, analyzed, marked up, audio and commentary added.  Relevant clips may be sent to specific athletes, player categories, an entire team, or family members.   

GotSport.net provides the ability for teammates to share videos among themselves.  So, if you miss a game, you might still grab some Highlights from their library.  All team members have access to each other's "public" video library, but of course they can be kept private as well.

GotSport.net is applicable to any sport and it's capabilities are provided through a simple combination of web browser and GotSport.net technology.  Its goals are simple: 

GotSport.net Goals

  • Easily upload and store game videos on the web for Family and Friends to watch
  • Capture those early years on video before your child becomes a sports star!
  • Create Highlight Videos without needing special knowledge or tools
  • Utilize videos created by friends or teammates in your own Highlights
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For more information on the GotSport.net or gotSport networks, contact Steve@Velocedge.com

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GotSport.net software will allow you to manage your video library like you never could before.  Here are just a few of the video management features available.

GotSport.net has added two new exciting video capabilities that don't exist in any other system!

  1. Automatic generation of "Start of Play" tags
    GotSport.net software will automatically detect scene changes and create index tags in the database so you can immediately begin to navigate the video with the forward, back, replay commands or jump to specific plays.
  2. Creation of Introduction Videos directly from database information
    Attach an introduction video to the beginning of your video clips.  GotSport.net software will overlay the video title, author, description, and/or date from the database over a:
    • Solid Background Video
    • Selection of Professional Video Headers
    • Introduction Video of Your Own Creation

In addition to video storage, annotation, markup, and audio commentary, GotSport.net provides additional functions to manage your team information and access many of the functions in GotSport.net's teammate's site, gotSport.net:

  1. Live, interactive meetings with audio/video via the web!
    We have incorporated a live and/or recorded training and communication system into our package.  Now coaches can meet with team members, staff, or recruits regardless of their physical location.
  2. Health History and SOAP Notes
    SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, Plan) notes are used by healthcare professionals to manage injuries and rehabilitation plans.  

Web-Based Video Library

All your videos can be uploaded, managed, and reviewed from anywhere in the Internet.  A Library Management function provides the ability to search and list any or all videos in your library.  From there you can upload, edit, tag, markup, and delete video files from the library.

Access to the video library, their tags, markup, and commentary is available anywhere in the web so coaches, staff, administrators, and athletes can view them at their convenience.  Access is restricted by logon and password to keep your information private.

Video Tagging & Messaging

On the right of the screen you will see Tagging screen. Tags that have been created for this game and their respective position in the video.  Clicking on a tag will play the video from that position.  Selected tags are highlighted so it's easy to see which tag is currently playing and color coded to quickly identify offense, defense, special teams, etc. Tagging is simple to learn and can be done from anywhere there is a network connection, creating a completely new range of possibilities for who can mark videos.

On the left of the sample screen you will see all team member names or player categories with check boxes.  You can send any number of tags to any number of people by checking the checkbox adjacent to the player's name and tag.  You also have the choice of selecting Player Categories or individuals from your address book.

Markup & Audio Commentary

The image to the right is a sample of the Audio Recorder and Graphic Mark-Up function.

On the left of this screen you will see the various graphical shapes and colors that you can choose to edit your video.  Typically, you will play the video while providing audio commentary, pausing the video and marking it up to highlight certain plays or events, and resuming play to watch the outcome.

If you are interested in editing part of a video, existing tags can be displayed by clicking the Tag button above the graphic selection table.  Clicking on a tag will take you directly to that section of the video for markup and commentary.

Multiple commentaries can be applied to a single video.  While not shown in this example, a list of all existing commentaries would be listed on the right side of the screen.

Highlight Video & Heading Creation

Since personnel tags can be added to uploaded videos during the tagging process, it's easy to search for specific people, select the clips you want for highlight footage, and create a single video containing all those clips.  GotSport.net can also create a title video from your information.

Targeted Messaging

Once tags, markup, and audio commentary have been added to a video, selected segments can be sent to any number of people:

Upon receiving such a message, the recipient can click a link to see a single play or click the Play All button to see all the links sent to them.  An example of such a message is displayed on the right.

Targeted messaging means that you can have your players look at only those plays that you especially want them to see without having to view plays of no interest.

Video Search

Once videos are tagged and stored in the web based video library, you can search by any criteria that is associated with the file.  There are two different types of properties that can be used in the search:

  1. Video File Properties
  2. Tagging/Comment Properties

While the video properties are the same for all video files, each sport has it's own set of tagging properties that are unique to that sport.

The search forms are built so you can create an unlimited number of search criteria, for each of the two properties, if you so desire.

The sample to the right of this text illustrates the entry of the different selection criteria for a Soccer video.  

Recruiting & Ranking

GotSport.net provides coaches and staff with access to the GotSport.net athlete database.  With such, recruits can be searched, identified, or created so their progress can be monitored and their attributes ranked on a set of categories, customized to your team's interest. 

Recruiting reports, searches, and lists make it easy to manage your recruits.  The recruiting functions provide the following capabilities and more:

Immediate Access to GotSport.net

Among other things, GotSport.net.com's web teammate, GotSport.net provides web access to student athlete videos for coaches and recruiters. Now when recruiters are on the road, out of the office, or relaxing at home they can review a prospect's video anytime!   

Recruiting Video Hosting Services

Hosting Advantages

Live Web Communication

GotSport.net offers a unique, web-based, communication capability to hold live, interactive meetings or training sessions over the Internet.  Live audio and video from the coaching staff can be delivered to other coaches, team members, families, or any other group of participants.  During a live session, the facilitator can call on a wide range of functions to effectively address their communication objectives: